Cold War Update
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.


Dr. Colbert's look at the still-lingering Cold War.

February 28, 2008Edit



(Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Another One and the Republic of Texas)

  • Kosova declared independence
    • Cold war means attacking proxies
    • Should have attacked Mexico's embassy, which is made of adobe and would dissolve after a good hosing


  • Fidel Castro retired
    • Stephen spent so much time hating him, that he loves him
  • Raul Castro, his brother (the Jeb Bush of Castros) took over
    • no beard, may crush democracy with a PowerPoint Presentation

Shot down a satelliteEdit

  • a victory!
    • New York gave props
  • Glenn Beck says we did it to show we can shoot a missile out of the sky

May 12, 2008Edit



    • Belarus
      • expelled our diplomats
    • China
      • a better polluter than America
    • Russia (the big red in the plenti pak of communism; NK is Juicy fruit)
      • tanks and weapons rolled through Red Square
      • Putin expanded Prime Minister's power

Putin built Medveyedev (sp) in his garage

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