Fee Fie Fo Fum...I Smell Liberal Scum.
"Comedy Central" is tainted with liberal filth.
Conservative-up this article and make Dr.Colbert and America proud.


Comedy Central

Yes, thats a piece of poo. That apparently talks. This is an example of the liberal characters of filth on one of Comedy Central's shows.

Comedy Central is an awful channel on television owned by Viacom, the biggest America-hating corporation in existence. Their programming consists mostly of biased, liberal filth. Several of their programs feature bears, and one of their key shows features Jon Stewart, who of course, spent his time on Stephen's On Notice. However, their lineup isn't all filth. Comedy Central also runs The Colbert Report & reruns of MADtv. Upon first glance, it would seem as if this liberal channel is trying to branch out to the right audience. However, The Colbert Report runs at 11:30pm which is after any America loving, God-Fearing man's bedtime. So obviously, Comedy Central was so swayed by Stephen Colbert's dashing good looks, enormous balls, and rock hard ass, that they hired him without reviewing the content of his show. But, undaunted, Stephen continues to preach the good wørd, at his liberal audience, converting them one by one.


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I have more trust in the daily show and the Colbert report to bring me the truth than any other news channel. Everyone else seems to bend the truth to suit their political positions. Extreme liberals and conservatives are worthless and are causing America to be in this downward spiral of failure we are currently in. A common ground must be met. I have not paid taxes in over 20 years nor will I until we clean house and remove 99% of the greedy morons we have in office now. To serve in congress or the house should be completely volunteer positions that way we can get people in office that actually give a damn about this country and the people in it. It will not be long before the middle class collapses and we will all find ourselves with another million man march on DC. Just imagine what it will be like when truck drives stop working and grocery stores no longer have food, gas stations without fuel, no running water, no electricity, and no emergency responders. It won't be long after that when UN forces will be called in to police America, and trust me on this the rest of the world thinks we're all spoiled little bitches and they are not gonna give a damn about our rights. There will be riots unlike anything ever seen, unless you stupid extreme liberal and conservatives don't move forward neutral ground. I've already stockpiled my weapons, food and water sources, and foreign currency. The fall of America is close at hand.