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Communist Vehicles has earned

a Komunist Kar

Commies used these as limos before infiltrating them into America's Childrens Stories

Vehciles used by Hate America Firsters (HAF) in their disgusting everyday lives. Often, the value of a person can be made accurately to within 0.001% by judging what vehicle they are driving and how much gas it consumes.


Two typical European men sharing a bicycle, soviet style!

More of a liberal vehicile than a communist one, bicycles are cheap, easy to break, made of recycled wood and unlike cars, do not protect the driver (and several passeners if your indian/soviet/democrat) from the constant bear attacks that their cheap construction attracts. As a result, they are highly favored by bears and so you should do your duty and report bicycle dealers to the authorities.


This bus is poorly constructed - the middle bit is held by tape.

Buses were invented by the communists, because they think its selfish to own your car. Stupid jerks are just too poor and hence jealous of real Americans driving real vehicles, like cars and tanks.

Due to the dangerously over-estimated capacity, buses are ideal for rapidly spreading viral democrat propaganda from one American to another.

Electric cars

Electric cars after a few days of useage.

HAF people creatures that drive these cars claim to be real Americans, but their clearly not - because they don't use oil! Oil is the God-given gift to the American man (and to a much lesser extent, woman).

Be warned, whilst an electric car may appear to be safe from external bear attak, each car comes free with a bear in the place of an air bag. Ever wondered why the engine of an electric car never made a noice? The bear inside eats it! That, and because they're too pussy to make a noise.

If you must buy such a vehicle, then it is highly advised that you go to your nearest car mechanic, remove the hidden bear and then change the electric engine for an oil one. God Bless America.

Military Vehicles

Pictured here is a captured, state of the art, black market, armored, all-terrain personnel carrier. It is thought to have been purchased by Al-Queda, from an Ex-Soviet military base but has now been redeployed by our Soldiers in Iraq for advanced field transportation.

During the Cold War, communists were known for their highly technological military. Now that classical communism has been all but destroyed by The United States, only a few pathetic communist regimes still exist. These toilet paper hoarding pinkos are no longer able to access highh technology, or really, technology of any sort that isn't bought off the black market, or directly from The US government. Those weapons and armaments that are available to them from those sources aside from The US, are generations behind that of our Great Nation, which has recently been led into a weapon development boom by our Greatest President.

These European commies are sharing a vehicle. They are waiting for their turn.