Congress/House/California Districts/50
is "Dead To Me" ("Me" being Stephen Colbert)
Congress/House/California Districts/50 should be dead to you, too.
California's 50th district was formerly located in the north coastal region of San Diego County. It no longer exists.

It is dead to Stephen ever since its Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham was convicted of bribery and imprisoned.


Known to local savages as California's 50th District, the district was represented by Duke Cunningham until he was betrayed, thrown out of office, and sent to prison. Stephen Colbert formally put it on the Dead to me board, but he realized that was too good for it.

The Colbert Report's official stance is that it Never Existed. Due to that being the truth, the reader of this article has wasted his time reading nothing for the last few seconds.

An urban legend has it that the district is now represented by Republican Brian Bilbray. The truth is that the only true thing in the last sentence was Republican.

Other mythical creatures such as honest, heterosexual Democrats, God-approved gays, and charitable bears have been reported in the non-existent California's 50th. Needless to say, none of those things can possibly exist.

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