The Eighth Congressional District of Virginia, also known as "The Fighting Eighth" is the primary district of the Washington, D.C. Virginia suburbs and is currently represented by the ruthless Jim Moran, a Democrat.


The Eighth Congressional District is a fortress of liberalism in Virginia. Majorities of Eighthers voted for John Kerry in 2004, Al Gore in 2000, and Bill Clinton in 1996. Eighthers attempt to hide their out-and-out liberalism by repeatedly electing Jim Moran, a so-called "New Democrat," to the United States House of Representatives ever since 1990, and by constituting the bulk of the Department of Defense's private contracting force.

People in the Fighting Eighth are so radical, they often proclaim themselves as citizens of Northern Virginia, an attempt to distance themselves from the respectable, backwards, and otherwise Republican-leaning commonwealth.

Due to the urban sprawl which defines the district, the area is almost totally devoid of bears, making it a slightly safer place to live.

Notable Places

The district includes Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and the CIA Headquarters.

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