Network LOGO

Full Network Name The Blonde Abductee Network
Transmission Cable
Year Founded 1991
Corporate Owner The Prescott Group
C.E.O. Judge Judy
Types of Programs Speculation, titliation
Sister Networks JailCell Surveillance Channel, CopsTV
Most Popular Programs Redneck Nightcourt
Most Popular Celebrities Shirtless, Toothless Redneck
Slutty, Braless Redneck
Nancy Grace
Slogan 'America's Justice System, On TV!'

A television network where Americans can watch lady justice stick her sword so far up someone's ass that you'd think it was a boot.

Some say she's a (bear) in woman's clothing. More respected sources, like the Bush Administration indicate that she is the model upon which their secret prisons are based.


She's waiting to slaughter you with her sword blindly without prejudice

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