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The U.S. Supreme Court Justices, from left: Antonin Scalia, John Scalia, Samuel Scalito and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Not pictured: Slappy Thomas, that little guy with the house, and those three other pipsqueaks.

The Supreme Court of the is the highest judicial body in America and leads the judicial branch of the American Federal Government.

The Court consists of the Parent Decider and eight Offspring Deciders. The current Parent Decider is John Roberts, who replaced William Rehnquist in 2005. The Deciders are installed by the Decider-In-Chief. The Deciders stay on the bench until their gavel is pried from their cold dead hands. Sometimes they may pussy out and throw in the towel for a career in “Talking About Their Experience On The Bench” (see: Sandra Day O’Connor). The pay is often better and you don’t have to work with eight assholes you can’t stand and are tired of faking like you like them.

The Supreme Court or the Supreme Deciders may also act as “The American People” and decide who will be the Decider-In-Chief (see: 5-4).

When the court is in session no cameras are allowed to broadcast the proceedings. Some boring person with no life obviously, sits during the proceedings and draws the nine deciders who are often seen daydreaming and looking off into space.

Origin & History of the Court

Duties of the Court

Members of the Court

The Supreme Court consists of four American Heroes. Their names are "The Almighty," Justice Scalia, "King of All Humanity," Justice Thomas, "The Hulk," Justice Alito, and "Chief of Morality," Justice Roberts.

America Haters

Unfortunately, America-haters have allowed five other members to infect this once-great branch of the government. Their names are as follows: "The Baby Killer," Justice Kennedy, "The Jew," Justice Ginsburg, "Dust Becomes Thee," Justice Stevens, "Queerbait," Justice Souter, and "Osama bin," Justice Breyer.

Judge Dredd: Supreme Court Justice from 1970 to 2000. We miss you buddy, please come back!

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