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Crawford, Texas
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Crawford, Texas
Mayor: Republian Jesus
City Motto: The home of America's Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush !
Nickname: Republican Heavan
Theme Song: "Eye of the Tiger"
Population: Uncountable, due to the fact that millions immigrate to Texas every year to catch George the Mighty in his natural habibat.
Standard MPH: 6 billion
Principal industries: Awesomeness, the Iraq War
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The greatest president, George W. Bush, was born here. Thus makes it the best town in the country,


Crawford,Texas was discovered by George E Walker about 10a.m.EST in the day of our Lord,July 23,1817. Young George, who was only 20 at the time had left his companions the day before. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett had begged him to please slow down, that the pace he had set in his hunger for conquest was more than they could endure. His erstwhile knuckles to the ground and haunches high technique of traveling was astonishing if not somewhat disturbing. After supplying his weary entourage with a three day ration of bananas and papayas, brave George continued on alone. But at one point even George was overcome by exhaustion, and after clearing away some brush he climbed a nearby tree to get some rest. He was awakened by the smell of smoke and a crackling sound. The pile of brush he had cleared was burning with a crisp blue flame. And out of the burning brush he saw an Angel who informed him he had discovered the land of milk and honey called "Canaan". But George, who never listened very well mistook it for "Crawford". The Angel bestowed certain gifts on him which enabled him to turn lies into truth, peace into war and a leprous hand to rot everything he touched. These skills were handed down from generation to generation, and the wondrous world we live in today is a testament to the courageous efforts of this American pioneer.


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George W. Bush, the 43rd and greatest President of the United States of America

Republican Jesus, who was elected Mayor in 1993

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Gay men must refer to themselves as girls.