The original dance program. Originally aired on CNN, Crossfire was a dance show, occasionally interrupted by political punditry

The Format of the ShowEdit

The show began with two pundits performing a dance for the top news story of the day, accompanied by a bongo and kazoo duet. The panelist would be joined by guests who would discuss issues of National import, in-depth, while performing a square or line dance. The show was topped off with a soloist performing an originally choreographed piece while a special guest narrated the top news story of the day.


Crossfire introduced American television viewers to "scream TV". Many believe Crossfire was the bastard child of talk radio, others say it was talk radio's precursor.

Crossfire had a stable of regular panelists:


Crossfire covered the most important topics of the day:

  • hairy palms
  • cell phones
  • Is Velveeta a cheese or what?

The Fall of CrossfireEdit

Crossfire met it's demise when Jon Stewart made Tucker Carlson cry. Audiences were outraged that a guest would come on to the show without make-up and make a panelist cry.

Tucker Carlson ended the show with a pas d'une to the tune of "Requiem Mass K.626 while Nancy Grace narrated a story about a nubile blonde teen who may or may not have been kidnapped, and may or may not have been a character from a video game.

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