David Carradine
Was an Enemy of Satan and a Pinnacle of Freedom here on earth.
Sadly, David Carradine has moved to The Baby Jesus's Secret Island Home
in Heaven to continue the fight by his side. Be scared Satan!

Hello, Kitty
Hello, David Carradine
Asian and very good at math.


David Carradine
Dec 8 1936 - Jun 3 2009

The world's best-known Asian.

  • his "fu" is greater than any mere mortal
  • one of only three men that can beat up Chuck Norris
  • can hypnotize bears with a glance
  • invented the "Urban Assault Vehicle" (UAV)
  • undefeated pebble snacther.
  • beaten up more people onscreen than Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Segal and Arnie combined
  • while a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, he does not need a gun and will kill you faster than you can say "Glock"
  • Struck down by a Thai Ladyboy, skilled in Dim Mak (Five Fingers of Death) Mid-Orgasmi while self asphyxiating on a closet rod in Bangkok.
  • Worlds most Bad Assed Danlgling Participle
  • With the ressurection of "24" . Will be Zombie ressurected on Quentin Tarantino's front lawn to Crusade For Truthiness, Kill Bears and Knock Kinky Boots with a Thai Ladyboy agan.

God bless you Kwai Chang Caine!Edit

Movies & TVEdit

  1. "Kung Fu" 1972 Played "Kwai Chang Caine," Chinese half breed/laundry entrepeneur, Kung Fu Master and great, great, grandfather of Walker Texas Ranger
  2. "Kill Bill Vols. I & II" Played "Bill" AKA "Snake Charmer" who did some of the finest uberhotties on the planet. Was cut to pieces by Uma Thurman.
  3. "Death Race 2000" 1975 Played Frankenstein A real American who in the first true UAV,mercilessly mowed down liberals and communists during a lively cross country race.

Trips To ThailandEdit

In 2009 bored with beating up Chuck Norris and creeped out by the worlds love of Barack Obama, he decided to move to Bruce Lee's secret Island home.

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