David Huckabee
is an American Man of God!!!

David posing for his boy scouts official portrait.

David Huckabee, the son of former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee.

David is a good Christian and used to work as a counselor at a boy scouts camp.

David's youthful indiscretion record is as clean as any Kennedy's and most professional athletes.

David's psychological profile will not have any influence on the electorate's opinion about his father's ability to lead.

If Mike Huckabee can raise such a fine, upstanding citizen, who would never do anything that his father would ever have to cover up (who would say such a thing!?), that certainly makes him ethical enough to be president.

America will never have the father of a serial killer in the White House.

David Huckabee Trivia

  • David might have been an altar boy

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