Dennis Prager
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!
Dennis Prager
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Dennis Prager is a American Jew-for-Jesus commentator. As a lecturer, Prager has spoken on all seven continents, and was instrumental in convincing the penguins not to adopt communism. He was the first to realise the danger of muslim congressmen being able to use Korans at their post-affirmation photo-ops.

Dennis Prager: He's not against Muslims, He's just against their religion.


Prager has been a leader (and possibly the only follower) in the anti-breastfeeding movement. While egghead scientists go about touting decades worth of "studies" and "facts", Prager, in a giant blow for truthiness boldly asserts:

I acknowledge having no scientific basis on which to challenge the many scientific studies that point to the health benefits of breast-feeding -- such as fewer infant infections, fewer early allergies, getting the mother's antibodies, and so on. [1]

According to Prager, the encouragement of breastfeeding is part of the culture of godless liberalism. When they waste their breasts on the nourishment of their chidren, women are denying their god-fearing husbands the sexual satifaction of those same funbags.

Keith Ellison

When incomming congressmuslim Keith Ellison (D- Iraq Iran) announced he would be taking his oath of office on a Koran, Prager sprung to action. Recognizing this as the greatest threat to America, Prager demanded Ellison take his oath on the New Testemant just as every other congressperson had done (except for the Jews who used the Old Testament, or the Mormons who used the Book of Mormon, or the ones who didn't swear on anything).

After it was pointed out that this was not the actual swearing in, but a brief photo-op afterwards in which Ellison would use his Muslim tome, Prager didn't back down. In George W. Bush's America nothing is more sacred than a photo-op.