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Denver, Colorado
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Denver, Colorado
Mayor: John Elway
City Motto: cops!
Nickname: mile high city
State Religion: Broncomania
Theme Song: the walk of rah
Population: 900,000
Standard MPH: 35
Principal industries: illicit herbs
Fun Fact # 1: more sunny days than you!
Fun Fact # 2: As of 2007, The Rockies are crazy awesome

Denver HistoryEdit

Denver TodayEdit

The citizens of Denver passed multiple laws, stating that if you look in any way suspicious of anything, you have no rights to a cop. The police realize that there is no other way to prevent mass crime and terrorism so they routinely confiscate property, search and bullshit everyone.

However, 90% of the population of Denver smokes herb.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In DenverEdit

Park Hill

Denver LandmarksEdit

  • Casa Bonita located on Colfax Ave, features absolutely terrible Mexican Food, terribly AWESOME! However on the plus side, it features both cliff divers and Black Bart's Cave.\
  • that airport that has numerous phallic references.

Famous People From DenverEdit

Ron Zapollo Jake Jabs (and his snow leopard) john chickenlooper Patty Wack

Strange Laws in DenverEdit

  • due to the low pressure of Denver's thin air causes havoc baked goods turning the brownies into a game henEpisode #440

Notable Events in DenverEdit

  • hosted 2008 Democrat Nation Convention
  • welcomed Stephen Colbert during the 2008 DNC

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