Devon Gordon
was an in-studio guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed at The C Desk.
Helen Thomas
Devon Gordon
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

August 7, 2008 NailingEdit


  • discussed the Beijing Olympics
  • security is tight
  • China's coming out party
    • the benefit is they can show people they are a modern country
    • huge economy
    • big athletes
    • dawn of China's century
  • Biggies:
    • not yao Ming
    • Lu Chiung (sp), a hurdler
      • if he doesn't win, he will be re-educated
  • may take one more gold than America
  • new event
    • not robot panda fights
    • BMX (bicycle motocross) 2-wheeled NASCAR with no fumes
      • can win a gold for popping a wheelie
  • did eventually chant: "USA Number 1!"
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