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Dingos are the most evil and cunning members of the Dog Family. More blood-thirsty than even Wolves. No other animal except the Bear can match the dingo in cleverness. Dingos do not bark, and have no souls.


Dingo with his favorite prey. WARNING: Do NOT look directly into it's eyes!!!

Description Edit

The Dingo looks like a dog with bright red fur due to the stains of countless gallons of baby blood.

Besides razor-sharp teeth the size of a man's index finger, the dingo has a range of additional tools used in its quest to consume baby flesh. These include the dingo's incredible senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

No living person is able to identify the color of a dingo's eyes. To gaze into the eyes of this hellhound would be suicide. But trust me on this one, I am pretty sure it is black. Dingos can hear a crying baby from miles away. Why else would mothers get up in the middle of the night to silence their crying babies? Dingos use their sense of smell not only track, but also to gauge emotions such as fear in their prey.

Diet Edit

The Dingo's main diet is the blood of recently stolen babies. In addition, desperate dingos have been known to consume the flesh and body parts (arms, legs, torso, but not head(that would be disgusting!!)) of bloodless baby corpses.

Range Edit

Dingos live in Australia with kangaroos.

Examples of the Dingo's Cleverness Edit

  • It was a dingo (not the rat) who was responsible for spreading the Black Death. Starting in Austria, then later spreading it throughout Europe. Dingos were then better able to snatch unguarded babies from their bubo-infested parents.
  • The child killing syndrome known as SIDS is acronym for "Stealing Infants Dingo Style", and accounts for 3 trillion infant deaths each year.
  • The recent weakening in value of the American Dollar is due to massive Dingo counterfeit currency ring in their native Austria. Dingos wish for the world economy to have one currency- strips of sun dried human flesh printed on with baby's blood ink (better known as "Dingo Dollars").

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