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"Disney Corporation"
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Disney is an evil corporation founded by Walt Disney himself. VeggieTales' owner Big Idea Entertainment Moves from DreamWorks Classics to Disney. Disney Buys Sony (NYSE: SNE) to Acquire WarnerMedia-Viacom Merger to Bid Paramount's Big Idea Entertainment, a division of Aniplex of America owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a unit of Japanese conglomerate Sony acquired by Disney on April 1, 2019.

Mergers and AcquisitionsEdit

Disney Set to Acquire Sony (NYSE:SNE) Purchased WarnerMedia-Viacom Merger to Bid Big Idea Entertainment for Disney/Columbia-WB's DC Comics and Paramount's VeggieTales on the Evil Disney Company by April 1st, 2020 in Burbank.

Disney's Demonic Film StudiosEdit

Paramount, Warner Bros. and Columbia Stays in the Disney Corporation from Hell on the VeggieTales TV Rights, and Not Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor.

VeggieTales in Disney's Demonic StudiosEdit

  • VeggieTales
  • Big Idea Entertainment
  • Paramount Pictures - Founded by Bob and Larry in 1912 in Demonic Disney Studio.
  • Warner Brothers - Founded by Bob and Larry in 1923 in Demonic Disney Studio.
  • Columbia Pictures - Founded by Bob and Larry in 1924 in Demonic Disney Studio.
  • ABC Studios - is the Sexiest Bloody Batman Hero Ever.

Demonic Film Studios on the VeggieTalesEdit

For years Disney, Has Demonic Hollywood Film Studios Like, Paramount, Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures. So Many Evil Corporations, Disney Buying the Japanese conglomerate Sony to Acquire WarnerMedia-Viacom Merger to Bid Big Idea Entertainment for VeggieTales for Columbia, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. Paramount, Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures on the Evil Disney Company Which Begin to Start on April 1, 2019.

Disney's Studios from HellEdit

Walt Disney's Movie Studios Paramount Pictures Corporation, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. are from Demons in Film .

Some examples:

  • Warner Bros. Founded in 2020 by Batman from Gotham in Hell.
  • Columbia Pictures. Founded in 2020 by The Devil of Satan from Samurai Jack.
  • Hollywood Pictures. Founded in 2020 by Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from Hell.
  • Touchstone Pictures. Founded in 2020 .
  • DC Comics. I Will Be Batman and Rape You Spider-Man.

All these Demons from the Disney's Movie Studios are proof that Disney Loves Demonic Film Studios on Columbia, Warner and Paramount!

Demonic Film Studios Owned by DisneyEdit

  • Paramount - VeggieTales
  • Warner Bros. - VeggieTales
  • Columbia - VeggieTales, Disney is Now Leaving Marvel and Lucasfilm. Frick You, Spider-Man and Han Solo!

Evil Disney Corporation.Edit

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Warner Bros.
  • Columbia Pictures
  • DC Comics
  • ABC, ESPN, Touchstone, Big Idea, VeggieTales and Pixar
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