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Dogs are righteous animals, beloved of God. In factiness, for God so loved the Dog, that he gave his only begotten name unto this animal, as a backward spelling of His own.

All You Need To Know About doGs


The is how you thank mans best friend?

Dog adopts tigers

A doG with his kittens.

  • Mans' best friend.
  • Randomly attack cats and liberals.
  • Stephen has a doG named Gipper. "Mr. Gipper... go tear apart this t-bone!!"
  • The smaller the doG, the more it wants you to kick it.
  • Generally do not commit, condone, nor endorse acts of terrorism.
  • All of the Greatest Presidents of the United States had a First Dog.
  • Dogs enjoy the taste of their own feces, believe it or not.
  • Fox was mans first best friend.[1]
  • You don't want to screw with a big dog. [2]
  • Snoop Dog is not a dog, he is an imaginary blackman

You think that is big, check out this mother fucker!


This is Man-Eater the Dog



A dog discussing politics.

Rebel Dog

During The Greek Riots of 2008, an army of Welfare Queens, commie unionistasts, and lazy juveniles were protesting that the government wasnt given them enough government handouts. During the events a dog decided to take leadership of this disorganized group and it became a fierce riot machine. The dog became an Anarchist-terrorist whose ultimate goal is to bring down "the Man". Over the years the Greek Police had tried to arrest this canine-anarchist but with little luck. There is a suspicion that he has help and support from underground terrorist groups hoping to topple its government. He even has its own facebook!

Dog to Run for President

Dog elected community president in Virginia

Dog elected community president in Virginia

Yes We Woof!

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