Dr. James Dobson
is an American Man of God!!!
Dr. James Dobson
is a Truthiness Crusader!

Dobson referencing the Bible to where it says Sponge Bob Square Pants is gay

Dr. James Dobson is one of the great heroes of America.


Slate magazine calls him the most influential evangelical broadcaster out there, more so than Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. With a radio audience of over 200 million, Dobson delivers truthiness in a way that is only second to Dr. Stephen Colbert.

His organization, Focus on the Family, is a nation of followers that spread his message of truthiness on homosexuality, gay marriage, and Sponge Bob Square Pants. In his capacity as God's press agent, he has rubbed elbows with a veritable Who's Who of Holiness, including Pat Robertson, James Baker, and Ted Bundy.

Factoids Edit

  • Supported The War (this is subject to debate now)
  • Has endorsed claims that fathers bathing with their sons will cure them of homosexuality. (this is fact)
I am Dr. James Dobson and and my lawyer swears I'm not a
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