Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Reports, You Believe.

Don't Fake the Funk!
Rush says Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD
is shamelessly boogie-worthy.
Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD

Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD
Dude Libertarian
28 March, 1978 -
Birthplace America
Religion Christian
Education Doctorate, frum Da Street, Bra
Occupation rapper
Spouse Britney Spears (Filed for Divorce 11/7/06) (Entered Rehab: February 27, 2007) (Left Rehab: February 27, 2007) (Entered Rehab: February 28, 2007)
Fun Fact #1 has never worn a suit before having that picture taken
Fun Fact #2 is not wearing pants in that picture
Fun Fact #3 may be the more stable parent of his children with Britney Spears

Dr. Kevin Federline, Ph.D, is our greatest American rap artist. Also known as K-Fed, he's no longer married to America's Sweetheart Britney Spears. Kevin is now a baller on a budget.

Press reports that imply the child custody proceedings between Federline and Spears are anything but cordial are totally uncool, y'all. The sex tape is really just a beautiful expression of love between two rednecks small-town kids.

A Few Words From K-Fed, Ph.DEdit

Yo, mah homies! Mah biotch be shavin' her head, whutup!?

Yo, yo, yo!

Check it! I wanna thank all 5 1/2 of y'all for comin' out tonight! (the 1/2 was a midget)

(sounds of a scuffle)

M-o-m! My pants are supposed to be like that!


  • K-Fed has reportedly shaved his eyebrows to audition for the lead roll\e in the upcoming Axl Rose biopic, "Ya know who I am, I'm Axl Rose, baby, you gonna die!"
  • Had two children with Britney Spears
    • Sean Joe Billy Bob Preston
    • Waterhead Stu
  • If you could pick up the check, Kevin would really appreciate it, dawg.
  • Member of the Iraq Study Group
  • Will wrestle for food
  • His Arch Rival is Paul Wolfowitz
  • K-fed is a secret homosexual pretty, pretty man.
Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD,
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!

Dr. Kevin Federline, PhD
looks good in anything,
but looks hot in drag, baby!!

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