This article was about Dr. Laura Schlessinger, prior to losing her radio job and her doctorate

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!
Despite what you may have heard
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Is totally not racist!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was an esteemed doctor and expert on interpersonal relationships but after losing her radio job from the NAACP, she was forced to spend more time with her gay son.

She was a Jewess but converted to America.

She did not make a nasty photo shoot involving a beaver (whatever that is) this is an incidious lie!!!

Life as Dr. Laura SchlessingerEdit


The Doktor Laura spent her youth thinking about being a doktor, as opposed to really becoming one. Youth wasted, since we now have online courses that gives doctorates for the price of 10 bucks.


One gay son, who gave her grief. That's why she made up all those hateful remarks against gays. Nobody is to be blamed.

Allegations of WitchcraftEdit

Laura Schelessinger is not a witch. Otherwise that face is a disguise.


Life is a school. Good enough for Tom Cruise, good enough for her.

Losing her DoctorateEdit

Laura Schlessinger lost her doctorate on August 10, 2010, after an uppity black lady made a phone call and used entrapment tactics to trick Laura into saying the N-Word.

After losing her radio job, she also lost her doctorate (no radio, no doctorate), thus prohibiting her from ever using her PhD ever again.

Are you happy, liburals?

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