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Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (aka Brother Dyson) is a frequent guest of The Colbert Report. Dr. Dyson, who does see race, thinks of Stephen as a black man.

February 22, 2006 NailingEdit

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was a guest on The Colbert Report on February 22, 2006. Dr. Dyson and Dr. Colbert said ,"..If only a nation of Barbara Bush".

March 13, 2007 NailingEdit

Dr. Dyson was nailed again on the March 13, 2007 edition of The Report but took the time to explain the difference between bigotry and racism: Bigotry is something anyone can do, but racism is a team effort. And there is no "I" in racism.

Dyson's book Debating Race was also revealed to contain an entire chapter comprising his dicussion with Stephen during his first appearance on The Report.

Martin Luther King Jr. ScholarshipEdit


  • Debating Race (for which Stephen should have received a co-author credit and a healthy profit cut)
  • Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster
  • Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line
  • Open Mike: Reflections on Philosophy, Race, Sex, Culture and Religion
  • Why I Love Black Women
  • Between God and Gangsta Rap
  • Reflecting Black

Fun Fracts about Brother DysonEdit

  • Knows a lot about hippity-hop
  • Lives in an Ivory Tower
    • currently teaches at the University of Pennsylvania
    • previously taught at UNC-Chapel Hill and other academic institutions
  • Pissed off Bill Cosby
    • Brother Dyson dissed Cosby for being too caught up in the "Afristocracy" and too down on the "Ghettocracy"
    • Dr. Cosby did not like this
  • Loves black women
  • Is an ordained minister

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