Draft Dodger
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Stastny Yan
Draft Dodger
is Hockey-related
making it un-American

The lowest known form of life after terrorists and before residents of Idaho's Portugal. A draft dodger is an American who doesn't have enough balls to defend his country, so he runs away to Canadia to avoid being drafted.

The UpsideEdit

The clear upside to Draft Dodgers is that it gets these Un-American douches out of the greatest nation in the world, and into bear country.

False AccusationsEdit

Some Un-Ameican individuals try to claim that many of our America's most beloved people--such as President George W. Bush himself--are Draft Dodgers. This is patently false. Such patriotic people could not possibly commit such an act of cowardice and America-hatred. Lucky for us, they still don't know what the fuck is going on. Dumbass cowards. Americans everywhere trust their guts for everything. Its common sense.

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