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W A R N I N G ! ! !
Eagle Porn
is for mature eagles only!
Careful, it is hot.

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Did somebody order a delivery of meat? Careful, it is hot.
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~ Stephen Colbert
The Colbert Report November 14, 2006

Eagle porn is porn for eagles. Like all good, not gay human porn, eagle porn comes in a brown paper bag and features two eagles (of opposite sexes) "going at it, American style." Also mirroring human sex, the girl eagle shows how much she likes doing it by stoically lying there, still and expressionless.

American style

American style

Eagle porn was featured on the The Colbert Report as part of Stephen Colbert's attempts to lure the prodigal Stephen Jr. back to his nest and away from the un-American temptations of Canadian eagles. Stephen Sr. attempted to reach the adolescent bald eagle through the reading of steamy sections from Lascivious Leucocephalus, by noted Eagle pornologist Philip Hansten. What can Stephen say? He wants grandchildren.


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