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makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

This Liberal Blame-America-Firster Educator is seen here brainwashing an innocent young mind with Anti-American Propaganda

An employee of the public school system whose job it is to corrupt young minds with meaningless facts and exterminate the light of truthiness that lies at the core of every true american. All Educators are by neccesity members of the factonista and are either east coast liberals or from hollywood. 86.5% of all Educators are both.

An Educator's primary job duties, aside from hating america, include recruiting for the blame america first crowd, spreading lies about evolution, and making baby jesus cry.

In order to safely protect children from the corrupting influence of Educators, a responsible parent should homeschool her children. A non-illiterate parent should avoid the danger of over-education inherent in home schooling and send children to one of America's many fine private schools where children can get all the learning they'll ever need from having someone else tell them about the Holy Bible.

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