This article contains information about an upcoming or ongoing Catastrophuck in the United States.
Content may change dramatically as the debacle unfolds.

Election 2008
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Distorts, You Parrot.

Election 2008
is an important part of FOX's Election 2008 Coverage.

Fox is following the 2008 Presidential Election very closely, so close in fact, we already know who's going to win!

And, just to keep things interesting, we will provide a list of Candidates, their official campaign websites, and when it gets closer to the election, we will sponser debates between all the candidates.

Elephant pulls right.

Donkey pulls left.

Americans being pulled apart by Elephants and Donkeys.

So, without further ado, here are the candidates who will be running for the Highest Office in the Universe.


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Candidate Arguments For Arguments Against
MikeHuckabee.jpg Mike Huckabee
  • Name sounds like a fun restaurant
  • Has plenty of spare skin to go around
RonPaulHeil.jpg Ron Paul
  • Not a real Republican
  • Incapable of making facial expressions
McCain, Bush Katrina B-Day.jpg John McCain
BillyDeeWilliams.jpg Alan Keyes
  • Nobody even knows he's running!


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Candidate 08 Arguments For Arguments Against
Hillmain.jpg Hillary Clinton 08
  • Has buns of steel.
  • Has serpent hair and a gaze that turns men to stone.
  • Hates cigars.
  • No Thatcher
TheJerk1.jpg باراك أوباما 08
  • We're told he's black.
GravelHoboBindle.jpg Mike Gravel
  • Kinda crazy: perfect for scaring America's enemies into submission.
  • Rambles off on odd tangents during speeches when my friend's dog enjoys running in the park and when you look up at the sky you see funny shapes and...

Draft Movement

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Candidate, Party Arguments For Arguments Against
CastSignBloomberg2.jpg Michael Bloomberg, (???) ??? pros ??? cons
20060508110509990010.jpg Al Gore, Democrat fatso pros fatso cons
Nader.jpg Ralph Nader, Independent *Helped The Greatest President Ever get elected. hippie cons

Lou Dobbs, American lou pros lou cons
CondiPoster.jpg Condoleezza Rice, American work wife pros work wife cons
JebandGeorge.jpg Jeb Bush, American *Brother to The Greatest President Ever. jethro cons
NewtGingrich1.jpg Newt Gingrich, American *Led the fight to impeach Bill Clinton. *Failed to impeach Bill Clinton.
RichardCheney.jpg Richard Cheney, American *Vice President to the The Greatest President Ever. darth cons

Filling Deadlines

Paperwork Deadline
Announce your next press conference December 2007
Announce intention to create exploratory committee December 2007
Announce when you will announce whether you will decide to announce if you will be running December, 2007

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