Also known as "The Continent," Europe is not a real continent. It's not a not-real continent like Africa is a not-real continent, because Africa is a myth and nobody cares about it. Europe is real, sadly enough. But it is not a continent. Europe is divided between the New Europe (good guys) and the Old Europe (bad guys). The line dividing the two is know as the Bushie-Rumsfeld Line.Europe is part of the greater Eurasian Cintinent, which is bigger that the Incontinent of America, which doesn't accept this fact, and wets itself even at the suggestion that it isn't as big. Howeverm population, whilst only a fraction of Europe's, and a splash of Eurasia, outweighs it five pound to two..

East Europe

East Europe use to be the place where James Bond kicked ass now it's the place where the Presidents of Poland Ukrainian Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have told mulatos to get the fuck out of Georgia. [1]


Europe consists of inrelligent people, for stupid people please search for america, united states of america, the USofa thegoodolusa of a, or shithole.

Overpopulation of MulatosEdit

A mulato is not a European. He is just a mulato. Mulatos are strictly forbidden in Europe. Yet every European-smelling head of state today is a mulato. Europe was moving at high-speed on its mulato extermination program but the Obamabushies and Obamamerkel installed mulatos into every European political and official position. Any good guys were told to shut up and their computer was erased. This means that the mulato extermination program has been delayed. That is good for Obama and good for Karim Abdul Shakir. But bad for Europe. When Europe complains about the mulatos in the Americas, Europe is not being hypocritical because Europe recognizes that Europe has a mulato problem too. European capitals are overpopulated with mutants guilty of dirty breeding. At a meeting in Guadalajara, leaders said that mutants guilty of dirty breeding were permissible. But that is too permissible for Europe.

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