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The design of the main building for the FU School of Media Relations was inspired by the no-nonsense architectural approaches of George W. Bush and the Borg.

The FU School of Media Relations is one of the greatest American institutions of higher learning. Unlike most of the liberal leaning, bear loving universities, FU molds tomorrow's leaders and helps them develop the balls they need to survive flourish in today's crazy liberal, bear-loving world.


Located adjacent to the FU's Quad, this sculpture, Praying for God to Give Me Balls, was dedicated to Hero Richard Nixon in 2006.

During those "dark days" of the late-1960s and early-1970s, the Blame America First Crowd (BMAC) was rising to prominence and destroying the values that made America great. The BMAC were victimizing great deciders left right and right left by puppeting the immoral minority. The liberal hate monger media only exacerbated the problems, and piled on America's great leaders. Something had to be done! The deciders were losing ground to the BMAC and had no outlets where they could speak out.

Things reached a nadir during the so-called Watergate scandal. Playa-hatas and the BMAC attempted to destroy the reputation of the great Richard Nixon, and Nixon had insufficient training to deal with the liberal media to take on his detractors.

In response to Watergate, Richard Nixon founded the FU School of Media Relations with the purpose of helping God-loving Americans develop the balls to contend with the liberal establishment. FU School was established with the principle that heros need a voice in addition to talk radio, Church, the business world, public interest groups, cable news, etc in the world too.

Famous Graduates

  • Dick Cheney -- Cheney had the highest GPA of any graduate in the history of the FU School.

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"The menacing racists who donned white sheets in the segregated South...are as bad or worse as the northern liberal zealots in suits and ties...These people who claim to be progressive...have been far more vicious to me than any southerner."
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~ Clarence Thomas


FU School failure Tom Cruise preparing to kiss fight media pundit Matt Lauer

  • Tom Cruise flunked out of the FU School of Media Relations prior to joining $cientology. Cruise's lack of training at FU likely helps explain his odd interactions with the media.
  • Fox News provides scholarships to the FU School.

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