was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
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Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Facts-nejad is a terrorist.

Facts are merely the Democrats' version of reality.

  1. can be fought with truthiness.

Facts was The Wørd on the January 8, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report.

Before anti-truthiness people take this so seriously, I'll explain why they shouldntEdit

Now, I will take into consideration that in reality, truthiness doesnt exist, all these pages here have false information, and that whats true doesnt come from the gut, it comes from facts people found. Some people see Wikiality as an Uncyclopedia ripoff/parody, but if you look at pages in these 2 twice, you'll find differences. Some of you think that Wikiality pages are being tooken over by Mutopis, WatchTVEatDonutDrinkBeer, or BlackYoshi444, and that no one could get a chance to show people their thoughts. Some people think that Wikiality does nothing but hate stuff, and that its a disrespectful site. But I'm gonna explain something about Wikiality leaving the Stephen Colbert stuff aside for a minute. Wikiality is an anonymous page on the internet made just for fun. Its nothing that should be tooken seriously. If you want to show your opinions that have nothing to do with truthiness, make your own Wiki! If you want a page where there is true facts, then get off Wikiality and go to Wikipedia! In fact, we wont even care if you make your own Wiki and make it say Wikiality sucks, truthiness sucks, or whatever, just as long as you dont make a page like that on Wikiality itself. Now, this is the only time I will use facts instead of truthiness on Wikiality so you dont take this page too seriously. Also, if you hate Wikiality, talke about it on YouTube or something, not Wikiality.

This is just information to keep people from taking this too seriously.

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