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"Faithiness" is a quality similar to truthiness, except is specific to issues of a spiritual nature. However, since truthiness is undoubtedly grounded in faithiness, the two may be used interchangeably by those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and personal savior. Unless they are Unitarians.

Faithiness describes a chosen people whose faith is so pure God values it more than other forms of "faith".

The Proclamation of FaithinessEdit

"The Proclamation of Faithiness" is the best known ritual of faithiness. It is a form of "testifying", in which the faithy testify to their faithiness in competition with other members of the flock.

The "Proclamation" is performed in a Mega-Church. The bigger the church, the more people there are to witness the declaration, therefore making it that much better. And the more likely there is a satellite hook-up and higher quality lighting and sound, in order that the proclamation might testify not only to those present, but also to true believers watching at home on the TV or who buy the DVD.

In addition to the "Proclamations" the ritual is marked by "Comparative" statements of faithiness, in which the faithy display their faithiness by disclosing the unfaithiness of the members of the other so-called faithy's families. Thereby showing how much more faithy they are in comparison to those less faithy.

Proclamation With A Dash Of OppressionEdit

Sometimes one cannot out-faithy another or de-faithify another's claims of superior faithiness. It is at these times one must employ The Heavenly Father's Most Blessed of Faithiness Proclamations: victim.

When one is victimized for their faithiness, one becomes a Martyr.

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