Filliam H. Muffman
is a friend an acquaintance of "The Colbert Report"
The Report has no friends...

The frst time Filliam H. Muffman was used was in a sketch on Late Night with Conan O' Brien During the height of Bradgelina (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie). The sketch was set up in such a way as this: "We all remember Bennifer, now we have bradgelina. Here are some lesser known celebrity couple names." The most memorable of these was of course Filliam H. Muffman. 


Filliam H. Muffman on the red carpet.

Filliam H. Muffman is a portmanteau commonly used by Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert to refer to Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, a Hollywood power couple. Because Stephen has referred to them as Filliam H. Muffman, this is the ONLY acceptable way to properly refer to them.


Their most famous work, The Splendiferous Zeppelin Escapades of Filliam H. Muffman was a film documenting their summer of love during which they they tried to destroy the last of the Nazi Zeppelins that was still in use as a mobile Chinese sweatshop. Filliam H. Muffman saved over 400 future Jolie-Pitt children.


  • Salacious Succubi - ABC



  • Rain Man 2: Life of a Salesman

Upcoming ProjectsEdit

Meet the Muffmans, their hilarious upcoming film featuring appearances by Ben Stiller and Leonard Nimoy (AKA "Stimoy" or "Beonard") will be released sometime late 2010. Meet the Muffmans takes place aboard the airship "Lead Zeppelin" with Felicity Huffman playing the role of the sexy Ms. Muffman and William H. Macy playing the part of the suave and debonair Mr. Muffman (aka DJ Muffraculous).

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