Body Parts Series

A finger is an appendage attached to a hand. In humans, it is used to wag and point, as in Wag of the finger and 'Look! There's a terrorist!'.

Fingers are important in various human endeavors such as the afore-mentioned wag and also for pulling the trigger of a gun, being the first, and most important right bestowed on all Americans in the US Constitution. A common mistake is that free speech is the first listed right in the Ten Amendments of the Constitution, but that is not the case. The right to pull triggers (i.e. the right to bear arms (no not those bears) is only listed first because of the liberal antics of out forefathers. In truth(iness) the right to bear arms, incorporated in the Second Amendment is more important and therefore first in the hearts of all Patriotic Americans. Right, Fingers - umm Fingers are important for using guns and such. Suck it!

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Example of itchy trigger finger

Things The Finger Can Do