Fish are animals that spend their entire lives in water.

They do everything in water, including, but not limited to spawning.

Living With FishEdit

Fishing in Afghanistan-RPG style

Fishing in Afghanistan-RPG style

Real Man's Fishing!


The Greatest President Ever has commented that he believes humans and fish can coexist peacefully. Sadly centuries of mistrust can not be healed overnight so most people believe the conflict will continue indefinitely and claim many more lives on both sides. Until Americans realize fish can feed thousands at God's will and the only reason we even still have our 100,000,000 dollar luxury reels was for the purpose of catching the big one...we may always remain locked in this hostile untrustworthiness.

Rumors of fish acquiring nuclear missiles have been circulating and are almost definitely true, human countries all over the planet are planning for Fish War III.

Varieties of FishEdit

The Eternal Battle Between Good Fish And Evil FishEdit

See main articles Jesus Fish and Darwin Fish

Fish In UnAmerican CountriesEdit

  • "Sakana Atama Desu" is a Japanese insult meaning:
You/he/she/it/they/ect. are a fish head.

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