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God Bless America And No Place Else

One who tries to be truthy, but who's gut has indigestion. This condition manifests itself in long, drawn out bursts of gas which can be rather painful for the flip-flopper and for those within olfactoric-shot, but are mostly meaningless. The SBD-variety of gastric disturbances can be deadly.

Sadly, Tums, Rolaids or Beano are of no help to the Flip-Flopper. His only hope for relief is for everyone to ignore him so that he may go back to living in relative obscurity.


The origins of the word "Flip-flop" lie, not surprisingly, in the two words "flip-fl" and "op". "Flip-fl" is a Hebrew word which means "One", i.e. an individual. "Op" of course means "who is cowardly and fabricated stories to finagle some Purple Hearts in the Vietnam "war", whatever that is".

Famous Flip-Floppers

In 2004, John Kerry, a noted Flip-Flopper, was defeated in a landslide vote by our greatest president, George W. Bush. This act of kindness led to Bush being dubbed "The Great Healer"

Fortunately for America and, perhaps more importantly, America's Planet, Stephen Colbert has an Iron Gut and will neither flip, nor flop.

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