Formidable Opponent
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.

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"Formidable Opponent"
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Two of the Greatest Minds in the world meet. And everyone wins.

Formidable Opponent is a segment of The Colbert Report in which Stephen takes on the only person with balls big enough to debate a difficult issue: Stephen Colbert. The Stephens trade debate points and often nail each other with sparkling insights and brilliant incisive deductive reasoning. Each debate ends with the Stephens concluding that the other Stephen is a Formidable Opponent.

Formidable Opponent, or 'FO', first debuted on the November 1, 2005 edition of The Report with Stephen debating himself on the topic of charity.

On June 3, 2008, Colbert concluded an interview with guest George Will by declaring him a Formidable Opponent.Episode #403

Topics DebatedEdit


The Formidable Opponents facing off for America!

  • Charity
    • Winner: Stephen
  • Holding Prisoners at Gitmo Without Trial
    • Winner: Stephen
  • Iraq War Timetable - (September 9, 2006)
    • Winner: Stephen
  • Encouraging the public dissemination of possible terrorist attacks (August 21, 2007)
  • Choosing a Nominee Based On Electability (May 1, 2008)
  • To Drill or Not To Drill Off-shore (August 13, 2008)

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