Frans de Waal
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

January 30, 3008

we are no different from the apes, won't mind when Stephen throws his feces at him, Frans de Waal

Dr. Colbert has a very impressive display

large primate without a tail, so you're an ape

if one is on two feet, one is a dancing bear

likes bananas and grooms

God gave Stephen a soul

Stephen will show his soul to Waal after he shows him his tail

to protect our ego

chimps get more respect than bonobos

  • chimps are dominant oriented
  • territorial
  • bonobos friendlier
  • sexier
  • hippie primates
    • make love, not war
    • uses sex to resolve conflicts
    • very little straight bonobo sex

calling ourselves apes

Stephen has a monkey brain, a large monkey brain

humans have language

apes do not write

DNA is 98.5% similar

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