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Someone who is of a different race or religion than Stephen Colbert who Stephen likes. Stephen is known to have or have had a Black Friend and a Jewish friend.

Currently, the position of Black Friend is open, with Alan now Stephen's Black acquaintance. It is possible Julian Bond, head of the NAACP, will fill this position although African Americans are still invited to send in applications. (Though you must indicate you are black: Stephen will not see your color, he will only see you as an American)

Stephen's Jewish friend is Daily Show Host Jon Stewart, although the position was put in danger for a time when Jon refused to apologize to Geraldo. (Jon has since apologized.) Another of Stephen's Jewish friends is Mort Zuckerman. It is widely believed Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman lost his only opportunity when he refused to appear on the Report. This caused him to lose the Democratic Primary to Ned Lamont who did appear on the Report. Ned Lamont is a friend of Stephen, as both are destroying the Democratic Party.

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