Frosty The Snowman
is suffering from a severe overdose of randomness!
Start a Truthiness-IV -STAT!!!

Frosty "hitler" the snowman

After Frostys parents made him they committed suicide before the kids could catch them. Frostys parents died of the sun and Frosty was abandoned. He managed to hide from the sun until he came upon a man with a strange mustach. This man was Hitler. Hitler persuaded Frosty to join his army. Frosty lost the battle but survived the war. Frost was on the run again. There he met a bunny. The bunny’s name was Crissilda. They started dating then were married. Crissilda wanted kids but Frosty didn’t have a “zucchini.” Crissilda found a ginormous carrot and stuck it in Frosty. Frostys carrot was so big Crissilda exploded. Frosty kept the head and stuffed it inside of him. He then devoted his life to being gay so he wouldn’t kill anyone else. Since Frosty’s an idiot Frosty thought this was how it worked with everyone he started showing himself. He got a top hat and used that to block the sun. He would lead innocent children to gay conventions until they became gay themselfs. One day a thief stole Frostys hat and Frosty melted. The funeral was huge. Obama was inspired by Frosty and decided to make gay marriage legal, then everyone lived happily ever after... except Frosty, he’s dead.

Love is pointless.

How to build Frosty again

leading the kids to the gay snowman convention

  • Need a pipe
  • Need his hat
  • Need a broom
  • Need two pieces of coal
  • Need lots of snow
  • Need this website

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