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Gadsden, Alabama
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Baby Jesus
Gadsden, Alabama
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
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Typical Day in Gadsden, slaying non-believers

Mayor: Judge Roy Moore
City Motto: Baby Jesus for life!
Nickname: The Ten Commandments City
Theme Song: Sweet Home Promiseland
Population: Constantly leaving.
Standard MPH: 300MPH
Principal industries: Ten Commandment monuments
Fun Fact # 1: Home of the ten commandments
Fun Fact # 2: Hates Jon Stewart}

Great things about Gadsden are:

  • The "Daily Colbert,” newspaper that brings truthiness to Northeast Alabama, once rumored to be located out of Gadsden. Make sense, being it is the American Promiseland. Generally the Daily Colbert is locked in competition with the Red Star of neighboring Annistongrad.
  • Home of Judge Roy Moore, the judge that brought you the Ten Commandments!
  • At war with evil Annistongrad, home of Satan. Gadsden, Alabama is a city of God, while Anniston isn’t, remember that! Gadsden is the home of the Ten Commandments, as well as many churches that love the baby Jesus!
  • Doesn't have Bears like Anniston that chase away Walmarts and other shopping centers to its suburbs.
  • They don't like Jon Stewart

History of GadsdenEdit

Founded by Moses in 600 BC, Gadsden is a promiseland for future America.

Gadsden TodayEdit

The city is leading a heavy battle with commie hellhole Annistongrad, Anniston is full of Yankee scum, and soon the baby jesus will prevail.

Crazy LawsEdit


Notable Landmarks in GadsdenEdit

Ethnic Neighborhoods in GadsdenEdit

People in Gadsden see beyond color.

A Typical Day in GadsdenEdit

Wake up, and be blessed by the baby Jesus!


God Touching Adam
"Gadsden, Alabama"
you have been touched in a very special way.
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