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Gail "Rails" Parker

Gail Gabortion Parker was the independent candidate who cost George Allen the election in Virginia and subsequently the Republican Majority in the Senate (his Macaca moment had nothing to do with it!!!!!). If she could have kept her hobo-loving ass out of the race those 26,000 votes she got would have belonged to George Allen.

To add even more frustration she even offered to to support either Allen or Webb if they endorsed her "abortion-only light rail plan," but no, Allen couldn't promise to lay a couple of measly rails to save the Republican Majority.

The whole reason why she got 26,000 votes must be that the Virginians thought that if they voted for her then they wouldn't have to hear her annoying jingle again. A jingle for which she had to change her name from Glenda to Gail to even get it to rhyme with rail.

Jingle from hellEdit

Let's vote for Gail
She's for abortions-on Light Rail
Vote Gail Parker U.S. Senate
She's independent
She hates our troops
She eats live puppies
She stole George Allen's votes
Gail Parker for U.S. Senate!

Other Names "Gail" Would Have Used for Other CampaignsEdit

  • Glegalize Garijuana Parker
  • Gno Gaxes Parker

External LinksEdit Notice the poor quality of her website and her campain that just runs on, "rails".

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