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I have no problem with gay people, except for my many problems with gay people.
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The Colbert Report June 16, 2006

The Gays are the single greatest crazy[1] threat facing God's Law, God's Love, America, God's America, American Culture, The American Family, The American Dream, The American Language, America's God and Stephen Colbert today, besides bears. By definition, the gays are Godless America-hating liberal heathens. What kind of people would steal such beautiful words as "gay" and "fag" and define themselves with it?!

At the same time, gayness is the single greatest asset to God's American Republican Party, because they never fail to get panicky idiots Real Americans all riled up and ready to vote, just in time to Protect Marriage anew with each election cycle.


Gays are ruining that bastion of American manhood — the soap opera

Despite what some Labcoat Larrys might tell you, being gay is a choice. People choose to be gay so they can wear the trendiest fashions, go to the coolest nightclubs, and be mercilessly persecuted for the rest of their lives.

Defining GayEdit

“Hard Gay” terrorizing the Japanese people…

The WØRD on 11/30/2005

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  • NOT Our Troops.
  • A transitive property.
  • NOT your daddy. Fathers are never gay.
  • The other white meat.
  • Slang for homosapien.
  • People who aren't married. Ideally they should be herded into Taxachusetts.
  • The wrong choice.
  • A group of sophisticated, urban It-getters famous for being the first to adopt new trends.
  • Former Governor Jim McGreevey.
  • My interior designer
  • Peter Pan
  • Your son who plays with dolls.
  • Two men sunbathing together on the beach
  • Like drinking lattes.
  • Say "geez".
  • Making furniture (see Shaker).
  • Anything Quaker
  • That way too handsome man Megan Fox.
  • Have sex with goats. yeah, I said it. They practice Beastiality with innocent goats.
  • Watch Will and Grace.
  • Eat babies.
  • Alabama's Attorneys General.
  • San Francisco.
  • Hate America.
  • closeted republican democratic.... heathen politicians of the north.
  • Refuse to pray their gay away with Sarah Palin.
  • If it is too gay for teevee then it is gay
  • Trigonometry. It has to be gay, it was invented by Ancient Greeks.
  • Barbarian. No wonder Conan the Barbarian looked so gay.
DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

...according to this study, Stephen Colbert should be 233.33% gay? This just goes to show the fallacy of science


Many people who use the word "gay" nowadays do not even know what it really means to be "gay". Literally, the word "gay" means a color - a color similar to that of pea soup, but with just a little more gray mixed in -- sort of a greenish-gray color: gay. This word gave rise to the popular expression in the 70s, "Man, that pea soup is so gay". Pretty soon, people started applying the word to other things as well, and then finally, to certain people who gave off a gay-colored aura in public. Sometime around 1980, people realized that these people couldn't exactly help the color of their auras, but still, nobody is really sure what exactly it is they do to get that way. This is actually one of the most crucial problems facing our time.

Religious Positions on HomosinualityEdit


Mathematical proof of the transitive structure of gayness

  • "On Tuesday, Pope Benedict released his first major policy initiative. An instruction that states men with dee- seated homosexual tendencies could not be priests. While those with transitory tendencies could be. Therefore proving the transitive property of gayness." - Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, 11/30/2005
  • "The Church has a simple rule. If you've had no homosexual encounters for 3 years or more, you can become a priest." - Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, 11/30/2005

Thanks for any other informative site. The place else may just I am eteting that kind of information written in such an ideal means? ha've a project that I am simply now working on, and I've been on the glance out for such information.

Gay Sex in All its GORY detailsEdit

by Nancy Elliot, politician, proudly representing the "citizens" of New Hampshire:

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"...taking the penis of a man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wriggling it around in excrement.
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~ Nancy Elliott
the pride of New Hampshire

The Gay MenaceEdit

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Nothing is more dangerous than a triangle shaped shopping Leatherman.
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Homosexual AgendaEdit


The HOMOs™ will get you!!

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Sharing a bench in the locker room is still the #1 way to catch gayness.

Gay LanguageEdit

At some point around the Civil War, the gays got fed up with the leadership of the Confederacy and decided to riot because of something done by or to or because of the great Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. No one really knows for sure what happened, but since then the gays have gone on and on about "After Stonewall," so it must have been big. Anyway, "After Stonewall," the guys decided that they didn't like being called "faggots" or "fairies" or "butt-munchers" anymore, and started making up their own crazy names for themselves. Like "gay." And the girl gays aren't "dikes" anymore, they're "lesbians." Well, some of them are still "dikes." But if you don't know, you'd better stick with "Lesbian." "Lesbo" is not okay, ever, apparently.

Sometime in the 1980's, the fags and the lesbos got together and hatched a scheme to gay up the American language even more by inventing the word "homosexual." Now, with the help of the wordonistas, their homolexographical agenda is turning our dictionaries gay. That's why you can only trust your gut and not reference books.

An even more radical brand of gays call themselves "queer." We can't even go into what that means for fear it will corrupt any children who might accidentally read this.

see: *Feynglish

Gay PoliticsEdit

Gay CultureEdit

Gay MarriageEdit

Gay AdoptionEdit

Gay PetsEdit

Gay BullyingEdit

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" http www.joelburns

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" http

See, gay bullying is good for you.
It makes you stronger
(as long as you dont kill yourself)

  • Not content with just taking away from our children the sacrosanct activity of bullying sissies to enhanced their own manhood; now they are trying to corrupt our children by allowing teh gey menace to flaunt their gayness into our children's faces without a heterosexual self-defense form.

Gay Civil RightsEdit

The Geys are not only a menace to white people and children, but now they are a threat to decent black folks, and Asians, and Jews! Civil Rights for the gays? Shame on you guys, if you are not black or brown dont need Civil Rights. Civil Rights are for black people

Spawns of Satan: (Gay Babies)Edit

Everybody knows that gay people cant have babies... wrong! They can have babies, thanks to the sinful abomination known as science! These Spawns of Satan are a demoralizing menace to heterosexual society and the last piece for Gay World Abomination. We know that teh geas are trying to corrupt America but to succeed they need to compete against heterosexual couples and what do heterosexual couples have? Children, which makes them a family. Now gay people cant' have children with each other (the natural way) so they cant form families and if they cant' form families they are not a threat to America's families... but not anymore. The abomination known as Test Tube Babies changed the dynamics of our society. Science, what have you done?!

Al Franken
Gay has earned
Baby hitler
Swastika 8
are a proud und perfect reflection of der Nazi Party.
Und makes The Baby Hitler dance der Goose-Step!

Gay CavemenEdit

Teh gey, just like evolution, is an insidious threat and what better way to brainwash teh gey than by teaching evolution. I present to you the gey caveman, the gay caveman is part of the gey threat to teach our children that not only is being gay natural, but it is part of the evolutionary process that liberals support.

Gay CandyEdit

Is no secret that teh gays are trying to sexualize everything to appeal the gay agenda, even candy is not safe from the colored rainbow iron fist of gayness.

What Can Be Done About The Gays?Edit

Correctly Identifying A GayEdit

Send them back to where they came from.Edit

WVM-0901 ChurchVideo

WVM-0901 ChurchVideo

Why We Fight? The Battle Against Gay Terrorism. Or “Save The Children, Save The World” (and No, that Photo of the black child with a white family in the “adopted” photo is not photoshoped… Repeat It IS Photoshoped… No, I mean IS not!!)

The Gay is actually indigenous to Homoslavia, which shares its border with the nation of Gaysreal. Its economy is largely driven by revenue from high-culture endeavors and institutions such as strangely popular modern art galleries, fabulous fashion shows, and super popular, SUPER-fabulous hair salons. That being said, its culture is believed to represent a threat to the thickly-furred and beflanneled man common to the US. Though Average Joe American may find it difficult to deny the appeal (and the perversely sinful allure) of a tall, dark, strapping young Gay immigrant in a smashingly sexy Armani suit offering a fresh plate of Baked Alaska in one hand and drawing up a new, more Feng Shui-friendly arrangement for his powder room with the other, he must resist and recoil. Self-flagellation might be prudent at this point. Once he's beaten the Gay out of his dirty, dirty mind, he ought to organize a massive charity concert in Homoslavia, complete with performances by such icons as Cher, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge and the like. Perhaps an added touch- an umbrella in the appletini, if you will- might be a ceremony beforehand in which Madonna adopts an orphaned Gay minority infant. Or six. With a rainbow parade afterwards This would all but guarantee the immediate booking of flights by Gays the world over to their native land. And there they'd remain, hopelessly enthralled by the songs and celebration, pulsating lights, gyrating leopard-print speedos and mosh pits of many mulleted-wymmin moshing. Then and only then can America lower its guard. Yes, Mr. Joe American- with this plan in place, you could safely kick back. Relax. Grab a beer and your wife's ass and await the Apocalypse, smug in your assurance that you shall never catch The Gay and that Jesus will emerge from the clouds and beam you to Heaven and its waiting crop of 72 eager and nubile, yet amply-breasted virgins. Er... something like that. Amen.

Curing GaynessEdit


Our Glorious Stephen was cured of The Gay when he was sent to Gay Camp. He says he had a gay old the best of times.

Thankfully, a cure for gayness was found by the Vatican sometime in earlier history. It has been known as crucificxon, quartering, stoning, burning at the stake, Advil and the like but you might know it as exorcism or purification.

Our Gayness Cure Therapy is 100% effective.

Catching GaynessEdit

  • gayness is contagious, like whooping cough or mad cow disease
    Tumblr lcpeynu3FU1qbkdxgo1 500

    Oh No! Batman cough gayness!

  • normal Americans can catch the ghey if there is a gay person nearby or a revival of any musical is being held within 100 miles
  • apparently, Wild Elephants transmit teh ghey through circuses

God's LoveEdit


  • Ex-Gay
  • "Reparative Therapy," Exodus, PATH, Homosexuals Anonymous and many other wonderful healing institutions can teach the gays how to properly loath and condemn themselves for a lifetime. Praise Jesus.


The National Association for Repeating Truthyisms about Homosexuals (NARTH) wants to show you how it's all your Mother's fault [2] [3] The American Psychological Association dismisses their claims that homosexuality is pathological, and disputes the "science" NARTH's claims. Short of an endorsement from Our Glorious Stephen or God Himself, what higher verification of truthiness could they seek?

NARTH vs. *NAMBLA: Gay rumble in the Gay jungle?


A homo sensing unit for the purpose of keeping gay people out of the locker room.

Gay BashingEdit

Gay LicensesEdit

What we should do is get the Government involved in regulating teh geys. Now I am not a fan of Big Government or regulations, but the gey threat is too dangerous to be left on its own devices. Gay Liceses will allow us to monitor who is gay and who is not, plus you cannot be gay without a license and anyone caught in a gay act without a license will be sendtto prison... wait...

But Are They Real?Edit

According to liberal science, gay people are real and their lifestyle is not a choice. Which means what they are saying is false. According witservative Science not only is the gay lifestyle and choice a lie, but there is no evidence that gay people exist. As a matter of fact that gaythe couple that moved to your neighborhood is in, in fact,figment of your imagination that is being tempted to join the gay lifestyle! As evidence, the Bible says that Satan would tempt you, and what better way than dangle sweet delicious gay candy in front of our hetero-eyes. We must defeat this collective delusion that gay people exist and ignore them. The American people must clap their hands and collectively chant "Gay gay, go away! Gay gay way! Gay gay, go away!" and you will see the gay people evaporate in front of your eyes!

Pioneers like Mahmoud Ahmanotgayjihad were the first to suggest that gay people are imaginary, so far Iran has been 100% gay free since he was president. Of course, killing imaginary people is just silly since they are not real they cannot be killed. Plus, that's a waste of good bullets that should be reserved in killing terrorists.

Gay Series of TubesEdit


Gay Tubes

They are turning our tubes more gay and less straight, like a curve.

Common Misperceptions about GaietyEdit

  • Not "born that way"
  • God never forgives
  • Not as much fun as it looks
  • Christians can throw good parties, too - and be snazzy dressers!
  • Unlike the retarded, the gays are not "just like you and me." (Also unlike the retarded, the gays do run in packs, well-dressed, partying packs. And they do rule the night.)
  • It is not actually gay for a man have sex with another man under two circumstances. First is if you are in the bathroom stall at an Airport, see Larry Craig. Second is if the other man dresses up as Ronald Regan, it's a very common practice among republicans called Replay.


OFFICIAL Preacher Phil Snider gives interesting gay rights speech

OFFICIAL Preacher Phil Snider gives interesting gay rights speech

Just like that one great American hero once said, "Segregation now, segregation fo...", wait, what?!


Some people, who are called "bisexual" or "bi," are greedy, and so they like both boys and girls. They are 50% straight and 50% gay. They're OK, though, because they're not 100% gay. Not 100%... unless we are talking about hot girls who are bi-curious, then that is 110% bisexual is David bowie who only dresses gay. so he is 75% stright 15% gay.

Bicurious Tales: So wrong, yet so right.

See AlsoEdit


  3. This has to be one of the top 10 truthiest letters ever written, surpassing even St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians.

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