Gay Adoption
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What I would like to see is a picture of Heather’s two mommies…

Gay adoption is the abominable act of one or more gay adults adopting a baby or a child. In some cases, one of the gay parents is the biological Mommy or Daddy to the "Turkey Baster Baby," while the "Other Mommy" is the "baster." In other cases, the adopted child has no biological ties to any of the gay parents in question.

Many gays claim that gay adoption should be an "equal right," citing sociological and ethical arguments that seem to indicate that their parenting abilities are "questionable" only in the legal sphere. These fact huggers' arguments hold no water. Stephen Colbert has clearly stated that gay adoption is not an "equal right" but just one more in a long list of "special rights" demanded by gays, because "us non-gay people have to straight adopt."

A notable exception is Mary Cheney, who took in a child along with her longtime roommate. This is not gay adoption, but rather a form of therapy; after a few years of living with those two, the little dyke tyke will be scared straight!

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