Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Gaylamofascism-nejad is a terrorist.
is a Member of the
NAMBLA Family of Associations
Since 1777
It's too late to pray for Gaylamofascism!
Gaylamofascism is doomed!

There's a new word for terror and it's... FABULOUS!

Islamofascism or NAMBLA

At least with a priest he has to do it behind closed doors.


Osama Pink-Laden.

Gaylamofascism is much like Islamofascism only a whole lot more gay. It's been a long held belief that the Gaylamofascist headquarters are located in San Francisco, giving the Gaylamofascists a firm foothold in America. The religious right has suggested that the Gaylamofascists or "GLF" are trying to recruit children into the hedonistic world of fleshly delights afforded by the gay culture, but without the condemnation that comes with Christianity. This is of course a deceitful ploy to try to bolster their ranks with young and supple flesh so that a new generation can carry on the work of the GLF which consists of:

  • Working out
  • Getting waxes
  • Making catty comments during "Six Feet Under," "Queer as Folk," "Project Runway," and "The L Word" marathons
  • Despising America, heterosexuals, Christianity and any sense of morality or simple human decency
  • Infiltrating the Cub Scouts to propogate the GLF agenda
  • Interior design work for Islamofascists
  • Managing the Spring softball league which consists of NAMBLA, Gay Bears and just about any Liberal organization
  • Making you look bad by hanging out with your girlfriend and doing all the things you don't want to do, which in turn pisses her off because you don't genuinely enjoy all the stuff that she and her GLF friend have fun doing, so when she breaks up with you (or you her, because who needs all that irritation? "Tony likes going shoe shopping for 5 hours and he's always up for antiquing. Why can't you be more like Tony, huh?!") he can try to swoop in and make out with you by confusing you with his GLF wiles
  • If there is one last slice of pizza left, he'll be the first one to offer up the slice so you both have to go back and forth over how the other person should have it, but since he's indecent, he only goes through one round and now you've given him a free pass to take the slice and if you go back on yourself and ask for the slice, you look like a dick, which is exactly what he planned for: Get last slice or make you look like a dick
  • Dancing better than you
  • Seducing your little brother
  • Posing as Mark Foley over IM
  • Tempting poor Pastor Ted Haggard with smooth, hard manflesh while he's trying to save souls or score meth
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