Sexuallity of the Giraffe.Edit

The sexuallity of the giraffe is still to be found out. In recent studies scientists have found that all giraffes have sex with the opposite sex, same sex, transvestites, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many brands of stoves, dishwashers, washers, driers, and catterpillers. Therefore leaving its sexuallity status at "Not Sure".

Facts on the giraffe.Edit

The giraffe widely know for there extremely short wide necks(best compared to a chode) is nearing its 42nd extinction, but if that happens it will most liekaly resurrect on Easter and be killed by the Nazi party again(LOOLOLOLOLOL). On average a full grown giraffe weighs in at a massive 9001 lbs which is over 9000, with an amazing heighth of just 16 inches(15 cm) without including the neck, but including the head the giraffe is and amazing 6 inches(42 cm) tall.

Why do they have long Necks?Edit

Giraffes have long necks so they can look into the other gender's changing rooms (unless, of course, the giraffe is gay, in which case said giraffe will look into his own changing room). Another theory holds that Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked a horse in the neck, and its decedents are now giraffes. A third theory is that giraffes began lengthening their necks to look more like Chase Gibsons' dick.

Common confusion with girrafesEdit



Many times when someone says "I like giraffes," it is misheard and can cause painful situations. When you say "I like giraffes" someone might think your saying "I like your ass" and they might slap your face. Really hard. Many people famous people have died in this manner, such as:

Giraffe pornEdit


Ann Coulter, ministering the Gospel in Africa

Giraffe porn is one of the most popular types of porn.Originally it was created only for male giraffes and lesbian female giraffes in the 1850's to keep them occupied. But one day the pornoligists saw how interested the humans were in mating with the giraffes, so they made a magizine called Playgiraffe. Pretty soon almost everybody started getting giraffe porn. A recent study shows that 87% of the worlds population watches giraffe porn, 75% of those people are female.

Anti-American accusationsEdit

The giraffe is Ronald Reagan's least favorite type of animal. They are therefore Barack Hussein Obama's favorite type of animal.

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