Gloria Steinem
is a friend an acquaintance of The Show and has also appeared as a guest.
The Report has no friends...
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The culmination of Ms. Steinem's work.


Um...a malt Glen Garry for me and my friend here, and if you tell that bartender to go extra easy on the water, this 50 cent piece has your name on it.

Gloria Steinem is some chick that was on The Colbert Report. Gloria appeared in a segment called The American Lady with Jane Fonda. Both Steinem and Fonda were on Stephen's program to help him bake an apple pie because women excel at baking things, along with doing laundry, driving the kids to soccer practice and watching their "stories" or, as they are known to men, soap operas.

Gloria is a very influential feminist activist, but her highest claim to fame was being a Playboy Bunny and being on Stephen’s show to have an “ice cream three-way.” Most modern day women, whether they know if or not, owe Gloria a debt of gratitude for erasing all misogyny and sexism towards women. Today’s most influential women, such as Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes, have cited Ms. Steinem as a major role model and a yardstick (the metric system is for pussy Europeans) to measure their own actions and judgments against.

Trivia Edit

  • Gloria is unmarried and has never had any children. Therefore, her life must be unfulfilling and empty.
  • Steinem & Jane Fonda recently launched a radio station geared towards women
  • Gloria can bake a mean apple pie
  • Gloria likes Revlon products because she doesn’t like the ambiguity of Maybelline and she doesn’t trust the “I’m worth it” affirmations of L’Oreal since she’s never been able to keep a man
  • Like most women, she’s sexually excited when in Stephen’s presence (See: Arianna Huffington)

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