God Touching Adam
"God's Divine Plan"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

The Second Coming.

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Go forth now and bring freedom to the Middle East
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~ God to George W. Bush, 2001

After conquering the West Coast and fulfilling Manifest Destiny, God handed down a new task to America: spread freedom throughout the world using any means necessary. To accomplish help us accomplish this new task, God granted America a mighty army along with powerful nuclear warheads, so that all who opposed the freedom Jesus Christ can bring shall be destroyed. The prophecy says that when all who remain are incapable of changing their minds, a holy nuclear apocalypse shall erupt from the depths of hell, and all those who have been faithful shall ascend unto paradise.

Following the legend, America now tries to instigate a nuclear holocaust in hopes of ushering in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Previous AttemptsEdit

  1. Truman dropping the Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, hoping to taunt the Russian's into a testosterone fueled nuclear holocaust.
  2. Cuban Missile Crisis. Thwarted by suave ginger pinko John F. Kennedy.
  3. Barry Goldwater's "Rollback Theory." Thwarted by another liberal, LBJ.
  4. Reagan's famous "Tear Down this Wall" quote. He was hoping that the Russians would use nukes to tear down the wall.
  5. George W. Bush's war on terror. Thwarted by the heathen Nancy Pelosi and the Liberal Media.
  6. McCain/Palin 08. Thwarted by Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

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