Godless Sodomite,
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!

Dr. Colbert and his "hooligan sidekick" tells Godless Sodomites, "Kneel before your golden idol!"

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Good Evening Godless Sodomites... ...It warps The Minds of Our Children and Weakens The Resolve of Our Allies... By Giving You a Golden Idol To Worship... KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD, BABYLON!
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~ Stephen Colbert

At the 2006 Emmy Award ceremony in Hollywood, Stephen Colbert called out the assembled "stars" when he greeted them, saying: "Good evening, Godlesoyed by a vengeful God. Anyone who watches one of their little filmic plays (or Las Vegas concerts) will be turned into a pillar of salt.

Dr. Colbert did not need to be so generous. The thankless crowd assembled in the theater didn't deserve a warning since they had just denied Stephen an award for his painstaking pursuit of truthiness. They had given the award to Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow!

Still, though, Dr. Colbert went into the belly of the beast and granted them mercy enough to warn them of their impending fate.

Will they listen?

Sodomites in general

Sodomites believe the ass isn't for kicking, but for spanking. Most of them live in Hollywood where they worship a gold statue. Most of the rest live in Taxachusetts.

The sodomites are going to Hell, not necessarily because of their lifestyle choice, but because God doesn't like those who covet the wrong hole without good reason.

The Greatest Speech Ever of The Night


Qletter.png What other types of Sodomites are there besides the "Godless" variety?

Aletter.png There aren't any. No sodomite contains any percentage of your daily allowance of The Heavenly Father.

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