happily perform(s) any menial task
where ever and whenever Dr. Colbert says, without question.


Gorlock, a legal alien, is Stephen Colbert's attorney and financial advisor. He was highly recommended to Colbert by the Scientologist Tom Cruise. Stephen is permitted to call any time, but Gorlock's phone number is very long as he lives in the suburbsEpisode #447.

Colbert has, on more than one occasion, complained about Gorlock's bad financial advice.

Gorlock's species has a secret planEpisode #446 that involves getting humans to purchase unsound investments, then when the economy collapses, they will invade during the turmoil and feast upon the flesh of the humans.

During the economic crisis of October 2008, Gorlock has been difficult to reach and so Colbert has been dealing with one of Gorlock's partners, Hal 9000 (of Space Odessey Fame).

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