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The Stephen Colbert "Green Screen Challenge"


Stephen Colbert issued a challenge (not a contest) to the heroes (who, evidently, have a lot of free time on their hands) of the Nation to use footage of himself showcasing his awesome light-saber skills against a greenscreen, adding backgrounds and effects, to make him appear even more heroic (if such a feat is indeed possible). The heroes responded en masse and on October 11 the contest came to its dramatic conclusion.


Bonnie R. "empowered" at her win of the not-contest


The loser of the not-contest, George L., after receiving news that his entry was terrible.

Two finalists, Bonnie R. and George L. came head to head in an epic battle to "win" this non-contest. To pick the winner, all the entries were based on 58 different criteria. George's tally was 39.9, and had an extra point for being on the show, but Bonnie R., who bares a close resemblence to Princess Leia, was ultimately dubbed the victor with a perfect score of 40, with her submission Freedom Fighter, leaving George L. utterly crushed, depressed, lonely, and defeated. With but one fell swoop, George L. has certainly been doomed to an existence of insignificant anonymity, forever abandoned in the shadow of forgottenness cast by the imposing heroic figure of Bonnie R.

Stephen also showed his appreciation to many of the other heroes who made submissions by airing clips of their videos on the Colbert Report Green Screen Challenge Montage.

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"I Won The Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge!" By Bonnie Rose