Oh No!
Gulf War
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

The Gulf War was a war originally waged between Iran and Iraq, and the United States of America later got involved.

The war began after Saddam Hussein punched the Ayatollah in the arm and said that the Ayatollah started it. Iran got mad and wanted revenge, but Iraq made the first move, sabotaging Iranian suicide bombs so they don't work. Pretty soon, Iraq atacked a small town known as Kuwait (that is likely to be a story made up by the Communists). And then America got involved.

America sent its greatest heroes to fight the infidel terrorists of the east and quickly declared a victory after they were running out of money. President George H. W. Bush decided to bomb the two countries to rub it in, but the gave the pilots the wrong coordinates and Japan was accidentally bombed instead.

The Gulf War resulted in a large amount of illegal immigrants to escape from Iran and Iraq to nearby countries, where they found jobs at Home Depot locations.

The price of oil went up as a result of the war, even though at the time of the war, oil was yet to invented and was just a myth used to scare third-world countries.

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