Dr. Colbert's birthday is May 13th every year!
Send him a birthday wish!

Read the instructions below, then
Post A Card for Stephen here

Card Samples

If you wish to create your own, here is the "blank card."

How To Make A Card

  1. Choose a style from the selection above.
  2. Type two braces {{ followed by
  3. the style code above (the name with the number)
  4. then type one of those weird horizontal line things (shift forward slash) |,
  5. followed by your birthday message to Stephen
  6. then close the double-braces }}


If you type the following code: {{ SCbdaycard4 | Happy Birthday Stephen! -Nancy Pelosi }}

Your card will look like this:


Happy Birthday Stephen! -Nancy Pelosi

Click Here To Make A Card

Post A Card for Stephen here

Practice your cards here

If none of this makes sense, please ask someone for assistance.

"Happy Birthday, Stephen!"
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